Reflections on “Technology Use Survey”

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It seems that I know more, and less, than I would have originally thought when it comes to technology. In taking this survey I discovered that there were very few items of which I did not have at least a working knowledge. Word processing, spread sheeting and databases are all areas in which I am fairly confident. Given time to plan lessons, I doubt I would have much difficulty in teaching at least the basics of these programs. The same can be said for my knowledge of video recording and editing–for both still images and action. I need practice in laying multiple audio tracks, but this class should take care of that! When it comes to email and the Internet, again I am confident in my abilities to communicate and research. Blogging on the other hand? I have little to no experience and have rarely engaged in online discussions. I have followed the discussions of others, but rarely posted myself. I have also discovered a lack of knowledge in creating my own images using drawing or painting applications. I can fuss with and edit existing images, but I have never begun from scratch. Overall, I believe I have a solid foundation upon which to build.


BLOG Re-invented

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Hello All!

Welcome to a new semester and a new blog subject for me. I am presently taking a Computers in Education class and a requirement of the course is, of course, an on-going blog.

My apologies to anyone who is visiting this site looking for more info on fantasy and scifi literature in the classroom! I still have a list of resources so if anyone is interested, just let me know.